2 Hours | Handbuilding Class
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2 Hours | Handbuilding Class

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Maximum students for class: 5


In this two hour class you are given a slab of clay to work with, instructions on how to make the piece and then you can have fun and start to create your masterpiece. 

You can add your own person touch to each piece using texture pieces from home or texture provided in the class and by using underglazes to paint pieces. 

At the end of class you will be given 3-6 color options to choose from for your piece. 

To Sign Up For Classes:

1) Pick your desired class that you would like to take.

2)Pick a day and pay for the class either online or at our retail location. 

3)Day of: Please show up on time or 15 minutes early to the class. 


There is a long process each piece has to go through before it can go home with you. After the class your piece will go through a two week drying period before being put into its first kiln fire. After the first fire it will be glazed in your pre-picked choice of colour by the teacher and then fired one more time for its final fire before it can be picked up by you.