2 Hour | Throwing Class
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2 Hour | Throwing Class

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Maximum students for class: 3

A beginner pottery wheel throwing class is a great introduction to the art of pottery-making for individuals who are new to working with clay. In this type of class, students will learn the basic techniques of throwing pottery on a wheel, including how to center the clay, how to create different shapes and forms.

During the class, students will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced pottery instructor, who will provide individualized guidance and instruction. The instructor will demonstrate the various techniques and help students practice and develop their skills on the pottery wheel.

This type of class is two hours in length and is designed for beginner students, so no prior experience with pottery is necessary. The class size may vary, but generally, there will be a small group of students in order to allow for plenty of individual attention and guidance.

Overall, a beginner pottery wheel throwing class can be a fun and rewarding way for individuals to learn a new skill, express their creativity, and create beautiful pottery pieces.


To Sign Up For Classes:

1) Pick your desired class that you would like to take.

2)Pick a day and pay for the class either online or at our retail location. 

3)Day of: Please show up on time and bring clothes that you do not mind getting muddy. 


There is a long process each piece has to go through before it can go home with you. After the class your piece will go through a drying period before being put into its first kiln fire. After the first fire it will be glazed in your pre-picked choice of colour by the teacher and then fired one more time for its final fire before it can be picked up by you.